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My Family


Her full name is Gladys Espinonsa and she is from the Dominican Republic. She cooks and cleans for the house and currently works at GAP INC.


His full name is Jose Perez and he is also from Dominican Republic. He helps around the house, and sometimes cooks for us. He works as a chef in the second floor of the bank, Chase.


His full name is Jose Antonio Perez. Because of the fact that he has the same last name as my dad, we call him Jose Jr, although we call him Tono for his nickname. As for where he works, he works at a shop called 'Yorganics', which is located in Manhattan.

Older Sister

Her full name is Gabriela Perez, but Gabi for short. She is one of the most successful people in this family. She graduated from Skidmore College and currently works as a teacher at a Success Academy, which has great pay.

Younger Sister

Her full name is Vanessa Perez, but Vane for short! She is my identical twin sister, but I am older by six minutes. She is the energetic one of the family, and is a student at Queens Highschool of Language Studies, just like me.